New Hope Women's Shelter
July 2018 Urgent Prayer Need:
Dear Friends of the Shelter, Summer greetings to you all!  It is such a busy time of year for so many and the New Hope Shelter continues to be bursting with activity. I am writing currently to ask you to join us in urgent prayer for some of our shelter needs! It has been a long while since I wrote an update personally as our church pastor and board president, Pastor Tim Hunt has been including updates of the shelter in with his monthly church prayer letter.  I will be working to update you all on a regular basis as to our immediate concerns, needs, and blessings! We have been so blessed over the past 8 ½ years that the shelter has been open.  We have gone from an emergency shelter to more of a program-based shelter over the years.  After the first year we formed a board of directors.  We wrote long, and short-term goals and the objectives needed to help meet those goals. We went from an all-volunteer staff to one with 4 part time employees and myself in addition to a few other women who regularly give of their time to keep things operational.  They are a phenomenal group of women!  The group of women and their children living here care so much for one another. Most of them have a great desire to see life changes for their future through the changing power of Christ.  The groups offered here at the shelter in addition to the morning devotions and afternoon Bible Studies have been instrumental in helping give our women the tools needed to move forward and develop healthier relationships, good boundaries, ongoing sobriety, parenting skills and more!  Our Christian life coach, Connie, does most of our groups as well as meets with each of the women on a weekly basis helping them develop and meet goals enabling them more success in the community.  Her aim is to help and empower the women to meet and even exceed their personal goals.  Connie helps with professional goals as well when the women are needing to find volunteer or paid employment.  We have been blessed with 2 part time Christian case managers, Christine and Bree, and a shelter manager. Maureen, whose position this past year was funded by a grant! In addition, Laura, our new secretary, is doing such a fabulous job and is so efficient she has recently reduced her hours to help us financially. Having a manager has enabled me to be able to reduce my working hours to closer to full time rather than 70-hour weeks and even has given my husband and myself the time to get away for a few days here and there.  In May we were able to go away for 10 days which was the first vacation in many years! You have all had a part in the ongoing ministry of the shelter.  So many of you pray for us regularly.  Many churches and individuals financially give monthly.  Many others regularly donate paper goods, food, and household supplies.  Every one of you has had a huge part in the ministry! Thank you!   Your prayers and giving have made the difference in 411 women and 102 children!  This is an amazing ministry the Lord has placed here in tiny Solon, Maine. We ask you to join with us in urgent prayer for the shelter at this time. The Lord knows already what our needs are, and we are confident that He will speak to His people.  Our great God promises to move mountains if we have the faith of a mustard seed.  He HAS moved many mountains thus far bringing us to where we currently are in the ministry!  Thank you for your love and prayers on our behalf!

Below is our regular needs list:
Canned & Non Perishable Food Items​
Personal Products: Shaving Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Toothpaste, Tampons,
Towels, New Pillows,  New or nearly new sheets (twin size)​​
WalMart gift cards -(to supply new underclothing to a few women who arrive with nothing)
Small reading lights (to clamp on books)
AA, AAA, and C Batteries
Over the counter meds: pain relievers, cold medicine, Rolaids, cough drops

Donations designated for purpose of helping women attain their birth certificates (I think they are $15 in this area) The women are required to have these documents in order to get their housing & medical needs met.

Ongoing needs:
​Paper products: paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, trash bags (13 gallon & 35+ gallon), plastic wrap, foil
​Cleaning products: laundry soap (high efficiency detergent), dish soap, bleach, liquid hand soap, dishwasher tabs, antibacterial wipes, general purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners

Please no strongly scented lotions or perfumes as we have some with asthma and it greatly affects them!

Please send any financial donations to:
​New Hope Shelter
PO Box 209
Solon, Maine, 04979

Make all checks payable to: New Hope Shelter

Or Call for questions: 207-643-6015